Further Information: Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe

Nuns' Literacies: Conference Poster

As the CFP announced in our first newsletter, the conference ‘Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe’ will take place at the University of Hull from 20–23 June 2011. The conference, which has funding support from the British Academy, the Modern Humanities Research Association, and other groups, is designed to bring together specialists working on diverse geographical areas to create a dialogue about the Latin and vernacular texts nuns read, wrote, and exchanged, primarily from the eighth to the mid-sixteenth centuries. To date, there has been significant research in this field but little in the way of cross-cultural study. For this reason twenty-five international experts (from Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, the United States, and Wales) will address these issues in Hull. The resulting papers from this conference will form the chapters of a volume to be published by Brepols.

The conference website is:  http://www.nuns-literacies.org/

Registration has been extended to 15 April, and a full programme will be posted shortly.

We plan additional conferences in 2012 and 2013 on this topic. Please be in touch with the organizers with any further interest.

Virginia Blanton
Associate Chair, Department of English
President, Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship

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