Surviving Books List (Spreadsheet)

Download the Excel file here:


This list gathers information about surviving manuscripts or printed books that belonged to Syon Abbey before the Dissolution.  It has been compiled as a helpful starting point in order to aid scholars in researching the Abbey.

We aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible. If you have any related references to contribute, suggestions, or corrections, please email us at

The books are ordered first by connection to either nuns, brothers, or unknown; and then alphabetically by shelfmark. Printed books are italicized, and all names that link the manuscripts or books to Syon have been kept in their original spelling. Within the spreadsheet, scroll up and down or right and left to view all the fields. In addition, the green button on the bottom right corner of the list frame allows for the option of downloading the Excel document and manipulating the spreadsheet on your own computer. Finally, hyperlinked shelfmarks lead to the library’s online catalogue.

References mentioned:

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Syon Abbey, ed. Vincent Gillespie; with The Libraries of the Carthusians, ed. A. I. Doyle, Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues 9,  2001.


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  1. Sue Powell says:

    Absolutely invaluable – many thanks!

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