SARA Bibliography

SARA (Syon Abbey Research Associates) has compiled an extensive list of resources to aid in the study of Syon Abbey. This work includes a bibliography with numerous annotations, a list of web resources, and specific works on the archaeology and architecture of Syon.

The updated 2020 SARA Bibliography is available here

Other resources by SARA include: “A Short Illustrated Guide to the Stay of Dame Agnes Jordan, and the Bridgittine Nuns of Syon Abbey, Middlesex, at Southlands in Denham, Buckinghamshire in the Post Dissolution Period 1539 to 1546” which contains a short biography, notes, and the will of Dame Agnes Jordan, available here.

“Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Third Series. Vol. III. (January 1907, to December 1908) Edited by R. Blair. South Shields: Printed for the Society by R. Simpson and Sons, 1909” which includes a new transcription of the Syon Abbey Refoundation Document, available here.

For more information on SARA, please email John Adams.

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