Research Guide

This research guide is a list of resources to help both scholars who are coming to the topic for the first time, as well as those continuing their research. The organizing sections are by no means definitive but intended to provide some guidance.

We are still in the process of adding resources and expanding with selected annotations. If you have any related references to contribute, suggestions about the guide in general, or corrections, please email us at


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Archeological Work

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Saint Birgitta

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Spiritual Life and Devotional Texts

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Legislative Texts

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Women and Reading

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The Libraries, Manuscripts & Printing

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  1. Don Graham says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there may be a list of children born at the Syon Abbey around 1537. One of my ancestors may have been one Robert Howard of Brockdish. Some of the family trees on claim that he was born at the Syon Abbey, and that he was the son of Lord Thomas Howard (1511-1537) and Lady Margaret Douglas (1515-1578). Lord Thomas and Lady Margaret are reported to have been engaged, but did not get permission from King Henry VIII to marry. Lord Thomas was thrown in the Tower of London for this. One account states that Lady Margaret was secreted away to have her child, and that the child was raised by relatives. The Syon Abbey may have been where she went. Any help you may be able give would be appreciated. Regards, Don Graham

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