Query regarding a “Mistress Daniel from Syon”

One of our members, Elizabeth Patton, has a query – if you can help, please email her at epatton@jhu.edu.

Elizabeth writes:

“I am trying to find information about a “Mistress Daniel from Syon” whose name appears on a list of illegal Catholic imprints confiscated in the Marshalsea prison in about 1586.  She was to receive a copy of “resolutions” (later known as Persons’ Christian Directory), and the volume was to be provided “with clasps.”

I have not been able to track her name on WWTN; one possibility is that she was among the younger nuns, such as Elizabeth Sander, who were evacuated back to England because of the Calvinist threat in Mechlin, and she may have assumed an alias (or perhaps an alternate family name) while in England.

All thoughts are welcome.”

Elizabeth Patton
Senior Lecturer, Humanities Center
Director, Great Books at Hopkins (GB@H)
Johns Hopkins University


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